• Interior, people, upholstered furniture, many TV screens
  • Interior, upholstered furniture, hanging TV screens

Chicago Pizza and Sports Grille

About us

If you're looking for the perfect neighborhood restaurant and sports bar to relax with family and friends in the Smyrna area - look no further.

Chicago Pizza and Sports Grille Owner Vic Comastro comes to the Atlanta area as an expert in all things Italian and pizza. In Chicago, he was the owner of five pizza establishments, which gave him the opportunity to learn how to perfect Chicago pizza! Vic explains, “My Grandfather told me when I started running my first restaurant ‘never have anything on your menu that you wouldn’t eat yourself’ and I take that to heart!” He also brought along with him some of Chicago’s other favorite foods, such as Italian beef and the Vienna hotdog. The Italian beef is a juicy sandwich made with fresh French bread that they serve up with wet, juicy giardinere peppers. The Chicago (Vienna) hotdog is garnished with peppers, green relish, onion, tomato and pickle with a dash of celery salt on a poppy seed bun – a true taste of Chicago. We’ve rolled out a great menu from hamburgers, tacos, and wraps to great salads. We think our wings at Chicago Pizza are the best wings in Atlanta!

Chicago Pizza & Sports Grille is truly a sports bar showcasing over 200 TVs and big screens. Vic told us, “TVs take up almost every square inch of space in the restaurant. If you looking for a place to watch a game we have “ALL THE GAMES -ALL THE TIME!” You are guaranteed not to miss your favorite team here in a great atmosphere with terrific food.